April 27, 2022

Supply, Demand, Housing and Roads

Residential House under construction-cm

I was lucky enough to learn all about the lessons of supply and demand at a very early age. My family had an entrepreneurial spirit and owned multiple businesses. Growing up, my dad would always talk about business at the dining room table. Supply and demand was one of the concepts that came up most frequently. All these years later,…

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March 9, 2022

Beyond the Breaking Point


As Oregon’s largest city, Portland has long since developed a reputation for being a little bit unusual. “Keep Portland Weird” became a popular slogan aimed at inviting artists, musicians and other like-minded people from all over to experience life in the city. But things started changing over time. What began as a light-hearted attitude that began the popular show “Portlandia”…

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February 16, 2022

How to Help with Housing

New homes construction site. Framed houses. Lumber. Building-cm

It’s no secret that housing has become a hot topic all throughout Oregon. So what got us into this situation? Some people would be quick to blame “greedy developers.” But the fact of the matter is, no housing unit, anywhere, will ever cost less than the land under it. And the vast majority of the land in Oregon is undeveloped.…

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