April 27, 2022

Supply, Demand, Housing and Roads

Residential House under construction-cm

I was lucky enough to learn all about the lessons of supply and demand at a very early age. My family had an entrepreneurial spirit and owned multiple businesses. Growing up, my dad would always talk about business at the dining room table. Supply and demand was one of the concepts that came up most frequently. All these years later,…

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April 20, 2022

Actions, Reactions, Cause and Affect

Riot Police -cm

When it comes to public policy, it’s important to remember that the decisions made by elected officials have real life consequences for the people they represent. This is something I intend to keep in mind as I campaign for Clackamas County Commissioner. Ample examples of poor public policy choices can be found not too far from most parts of Clackamas…

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April 13, 2022

A New Approach to Planning

Aerial view of land and positioning point area.-cm

Compared to the other 49 states, Oregon has a very planning-heavy government culture. That is to say, for the last several decades, the state has been fixated on planning for the future. The net result of all that planning has been severe restrictions on the growth of everything except government, its personnel and related expenditures. It doesn’t mean that people…

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