Independent Leadership

-I’m not beholden to any political parties or special interest groups

-I will govern with a sense of principled consistency

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The Principles of Good Customer Service

The Benefits of Independence

Finding Housing Solutions

-I will work to make the county development codes more flexible for anyone wanting to build housing

-We can allow more growth in rural areas without turning them into suburbs

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Beyond the Breaking Point

How to Help with Housing

Financial Accountability

-I support auditing the county’s financial department

-We need to make sure our tax dollars are going to fund the critical services we need

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Taking Care of Business

Defending Basic Rights

-  I will fight to defend and preserve every individual’s fundamental rights to bodily autonomy and right of free movement.

-  I support parents’ rights and their involvement with their children's education.

Learn from others mistakes

-  The actions of neighboring counties, such as defunding the police, failure to prosecute violent offenders, investing in housing ‘solution’ scams, and making it unfriendly for business has proven disastrous in many ways with dramatically increased crime, homelessness, and cost of living. I will make certain we learn from their mistakes and not repeat them in Clackamas county.

Wildfire Prevention

-We need more local control of our forests

-Active management will keep our county from burning

No Toll Roads

- I’m completely opposed to toll roads. Nobody wants tolls… it's just another money grab attempt on Clackamas County residents.

- If toll roads are unstoppable, I will actively defend Clackamas County residents against disproportionate financial impact on our community.


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