Q: Are you a Republican or Democrat?

A: Neither. I’m a non-affiliated voter running for a non-partisan office.

Q: How does that make you different from other candidates?

A:It means that I’m not beholden to any special interest groups or political party machines. I can be truly independent and represent all of the residents of Clackamas County.

Q: How long have you lived in Oregon?

A:I was born in Oregon City, and my family first came to Oregon in the 1890's

Q: What is your vision for Clackamas County?

A: To see an end to covid nonsense and reinvigorate our economy and development. 

Q: What are the biggest issues for Clackamas County?

A: Transportation, public safety and affordable housing.

Q: What is your professional background?

A:Over the years, I’ve helped run many of my family’s small businesses. That includes everything from sheet metal fabrication to ranching and operating a vineyard.

Q: How do you feel about "defunding" police?

A: We just need to look at Multnomah County to know that's a disaster.

Q: Do you blame developers for the high cost of housing?

A: No. I think overregulation at the state level has caused the cost of land to be overinflated.

Q: What are some of the ways you can help make housing more affordable in Clackamas County?

A: I think there are ways we can fix the county’s development code to provide more flexibility to people who are looking to construct housing. It’s very difficult to develop property in the rural areas, and that can be done without turning them into suburbs.

Q: What is the root cause of the high cost of housing in the region?

A: The supply has not kept up with the demand. We need to do more to make sure that the supply has a chance to catch up with it, then work on meeting what we’ll need for future growth.

Q: What do you think of government-run affordable housing programs?

A: If they were working, this wouldn’t continue to be such a big issue.

Q: Where do you stand on tolling?

A: I’m completely opposed to it. Nobody wants tolls… it's just another money grab attempt on Clackamas County residents.

Q: Have you previously held public office?

A: No, I think people holding offices forever is a huge problem, not a benefit.

Q: What can be done about the homeless problem?

A: We need to get more creative with zoning, construction methods, job creation, and mental health treatment.

Q: What can we do to prevent catastrophic wildfires from devastating the rural parts of Clackamas County?

A: We need to actively manage our forests and have more local control over them. The approach of locking it up and letting it burn is putting all of us in harm’s way. When the wildfires hit in the summer of 2020, it was locals who put it out. I helped run supply lines out to the folks who were out there doing it.

Q: Would you support auditing the county’s financial department?

A: Yes, that would be in line with good government practices and fiscal accountability.